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* cgit/about.sh: use a glob instead of `tr`Kylie McClain2021-06-28
* cgitrc: enable displaying remote branchesKylie McClain2020-09-24
* Revert "cgit: use variables and main css as base"Kylie McClain2020-07-16
* cgit: use variables and main css as baseKylie McClain2020-07-16
* cgit.css: and againKylie McClain2020-07-07
* cgit.css: another tweakKylie McClain2020-07-07
* cgit.css: improve about styleKylie McClain2020-07-07
* about.sh: link sections in asciidoc documentsKylie McClain2020-07-07
* cgit.css: change tag/branch designators to be more stylishKylie McClain2020-07-01
* cgit.css: tabs --> spacesKylie McClain2020-07-01
* cgit: add the actual web root to the repoKylie McClain2020-06-30
* cgitrc: fix ssh link to not be relativeKylie McClain2020-06-30
* cgitrc: more README filenamesKylie McClain2020-06-29
* cgit: add markdown filtering+aboutKylie McClain2020-06-29
* cgit/filters/about: fix asciidoctor outputKylie McClain2020-06-27
* cgitrc: asciidoc aboutKylie McClain2020-06-25
* about.sh: syntax errorKylie McClain2020-06-25
* cgitrc: descriptionKylie McClain2020-06-25
* cgitrc: remove invalid configKylie McClain2020-06-25
* cgitrc: use section from pathKylie McClain2020-06-25
* cgitrc: change titleKylie McClain2020-06-25
* cgit: add an about filterKylie McClain2020-06-25