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* add hexchat-tray symlinks for future system iconsHEADmasterKylie McClain2015-08-28
* Add alarm-clock.svg symlink that was missingv0.1.5Kylie McClain2015-07-19
* add symlinks for thunderbird iconsv0.1.4Kylie McClain2015-07-17
* add correct symlinks for system-reboot iconv0.1.3Kylie McClain2015-07-16
* Add compatibility symlinks for xfce4-sessionv0.1.2Kylie McClain2015-06-21
* mailmap: add myselfKylie McClain2015-05-23
* clarify licensing. currently contacting mastropino for details on skype icon ...Kylie McClain2015-02-20
* add symlinks for thunar-archive-pluginv0.1.1Kylie McClain2015-02-20
* write more sections for the READMEv0.1Kylie McClain2015-02-16
* include png version of paletteKylie McClain2015-02-16
* make symlink for new firefox icon nameKylie McClain2015-02-15
* add hexchat icon credit to readmeKylie McClain2015-02-15
* hexchat: add icon, modified from official hexchat iconKylie McClain2015-02-08
* getting rid of decade-old dust bunniesKylie McClain2015-01-19
* initial commitKylie McClain2015-01-19