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* Merge branches 'master' and 'testing'HEADmasterjoshua-redfield2012-01-23
* Translate plugin removed, Google Tanslate API was removed :(testingjoshua-redfield2012-01-23
* Fix for lauf.fcgjoshua-redfield2011-12-28
* Merge branches 'testing' and 'master' into testingjoshua-redfield2011-03-03
* Release 2011.03.03, New plugins define and translate. New commandline option ...joshua-redfield2011-03-03
* Merge branches 'master' and 'testing'joshua-redfield2011-03-03
* main/lauf: Removed lauf_launchicon, Added commandline option -l --launcher to...joshua-redfield2011-03-03
* plugins/open.sh: Added statement to check if file/directory existjoshua-redfield2011-02-22
* added a .desktop file makerHunter M2011-02-21
* plugins/define.sh: Removed newline character from xclip selection.joshua-redfield2011-02-21
* plugins/define.sh: added xclip, this is optional and only uses if it's instal...joshua-redfield2011-02-20
* Forgot to activate all plugins... bahjoshua-redfield2011-02-19
* plugins/define.sh: Fix for searching for phrases, Spaces will now be converte...joshua-redfield2011-02-19
* plugins/open.sh: Modified notification, Bothered me.joshua-redfield2011-02-19
* main/lauf: Fix for converting only the command / plugin name to lowercasejoshua-redfield2011-02-18
* main/lauf: LAUF_LOCK bug fix, Removed converting to lowercase. Things will n...joshua-redfield2011-02-18
* plugins/define.sh: Wow, really screwing up today. Guess I should get some sle...joshua-redfield2011-02-18
* plugins/define.sh: Oops, quick fix / change, forgot to edit my own templatejoshua-redfield2011-02-18
* plugins/define.sh: Google Define plugin. Allows you to define words or phrasesjoshua-redfield2011-02-18
* main/lauf: Bug Fix: Removing lauf_lock, Added another insurance policy to mak...joshua-redfield2011-02-16
* Merge branches 'master' and 'testing' into testingjoshua-redfield2011-02-16
* Bug Fix Release: 2011.02.14joshua-redfield2011-02-14
* Merge branches 'master' and 'testing'joshua-redfield2011-02-14
* main/lauf: bug fix for running commands with a time limit, now works propetly.joshua-redfield2011-02-06
* main/lauf: bug fix for converting milliseconds to secondsjoshua-redfield2011-01-17
* plugins/look.sh: Added sed dependencyjoshua-redfield2011-01-13
* README.txt: Added new arguments for core/help.sh, Added running command for d...joshua-redfield2011-01-13
* Grr, somehow I erased part of the command that needed to be therejoshua-redfield2011-01-11
* plugins/look.sh: look no longer shows the . before the directory, Easier for ...joshua-redfield2011-01-11
* Getting ready for mergejoshua-redfield2011-01-11
* Added trap to remove lockfile(hunterm feel free to change if it needs it), Al...joshua-redfield2011-01-10
* dev/example.sh fix, forgot parameter expansion in the test statementjoshua-redfield2011-01-10
* Apparently I broke the plugins arguement when cleaning stuff up in core/help....joshua-redfield2011-01-10
* Fixed help.sh bugsjoshua-redfield2011-01-09
* Added plugin arguement to help. EG: help with plugin open -- will give the us...joshua-redfield2011-01-08
* Removed version from lauf_app_name, modified about.sh for rolling releasejoshua-redfield2011-01-08
* Bug Fix: --debug fixjoshua-redfield2011-01-07
* 0.5.3 version updatejoshua-redfield2011-01-06
* Bug fix for: --plugins arguement causing problemsjoshua-redfield2011-01-06
* Bug Fix: Added / Fixed notifications with various pluginsjoshua-redfield2011-01-05
* Quick fix plugin example.joshua-redfield2011-01-05
* thought it might be nice to put the example plugin into a new folder, since i...hunterm2011-01-05
* Version Update, forgot... again... like always...joshua-redfield2011-01-05
* Bug fix: One instance kill error, and error for lauf_exec_tryjoshua-redfield2011-01-05
* Bug Fix:joshua-redfield2011-01-05
* hrmgrmhunterm2011-01-01
| * Not sure where the ^ file came from. Removedjoshua-redfield2011-01-01
| * Cleaned up a few things, Removed insult from google.shjoshua-redfield2011-01-01
| * Fixed twitter.sh parsing issues, Also updated version information for laufjoshua-redfield2011-01-01
* | fixed email addressinghunterm2011-01-01