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* Translate plugin removed, Google Tanslate API was removed :(testingjoshua-redfield2012-01-23
* plugins/open.sh: Added statement to check if file/directory existjoshua-redfield2011-02-22
* plugins/define.sh: Removed newline character from xclip selection.joshua-redfield2011-02-21
* plugins/define.sh: added xclip, this is optional and only uses if it's instal...joshua-redfield2011-02-20
* Forgot to activate all plugins... bahjoshua-redfield2011-02-19
* plugins/define.sh: Fix for searching for phrases, Spaces will now be converte...joshua-redfield2011-02-19
* plugins/open.sh: Modified notification, Bothered me.joshua-redfield2011-02-19
* main/lauf: LAUF_LOCK bug fix, Removed converting to lowercase. Things will n...joshua-redfield2011-02-18
* plugins/define.sh: Wow, really screwing up today. Guess I should get some sle...joshua-redfield2011-02-18
* plugins/define.sh: Oops, quick fix / change, forgot to edit my own templatejoshua-redfield2011-02-18
* plugins/define.sh: Google Define plugin. Allows you to define words or phrasesjoshua-redfield2011-02-18
* plugins/look.sh: Added sed dependencyjoshua-redfield2011-01-13
* Grr, somehow I erased part of the command that needed to be therejoshua-redfield2011-01-11
* plugins/look.sh: look no longer shows the . before the directory, Easier for ...joshua-redfield2011-01-11
* Bug Fix: Added / Fixed notifications with various pluginsjoshua-redfield2011-01-05
* hrmgrmhunterm2011-01-01
| * Cleaned up a few things, Removed insult from google.shjoshua-redfield2011-01-01
| * Fixed twitter.sh parsing issues, Also updated version information for laufjoshua-redfield2011-01-01
* | fixed email addressinghunterm2011-01-01
* updated twitter plugin. Twitter plugin now requires a supertweet account, bec...hunterm2010-12-30
* Lauf not only allows one instance of itself to be ranjoshua-redfield2010-12-27
* Bug Fix: All external plugins with unexepected operator error have been fixedjoshua-redfield2010-12-24
* close.sh and root.sh fixed, activation works correctly nowjoshua-redfield2010-12-22
* Google.sh fixjoshua-redfield2010-12-22
* All external plugins now support lauf_notify. Bug fix.joshua-redfield2010-12-21
* Forgot to add grep to dependencies for look.shjoshua-redfield2010-12-20
* look.sh fixed for finding programsjoshua-redfield2010-12-20
* messed with some stuff. lauf now works with commands containing lowercase and...Your Name2010-12-18
* Weather plugin now accepts arguementsjoshua-redfield2010-12-13
* Weather plugin now accepts arguementsjoshua-redfield2010-12-13
* Weather plugin now supports aruementsjoshua-redfield2010-12-13
* Weather plugin now supports arguements.joshua-redfield2010-12-13
* New plugin: Weather, Not yet fully completejoshua-redfield2010-12-12
* Oops forgot onejoshua-redfield2010-12-12
* removed unnecessary filesjoshua-redfield2010-12-12
* attempted to merge look.sh and program.sh... joshua, please look over.Your Name2010-12-12
* added a new plugin (programs.sh)Your Name2010-12-11
* added programs.sh which searches for programs. made some changes to the main ...Your Name2010-12-11
* second commitjoshua-redfield2010-12-09
* first commitjoshua-redfield2010-12-09