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# MATE exheres

MATE desktop environment exheres for the
[Exherbo Linux](https://www.exherbo.org) distribution.

## Contributions

Please direct all contributions to [Gerrit](http://gerrit.exherbo.org/).

## Licensing

Things that go into Exherbo's official tree [must] [1] be licensed under
the GPLv2 license to be included in the tree. I don't like that license,
so I have dual-licensed the repository as both [GPLv2](LICENSE.GPLv2),

For any intents involving Exherbo's tree, use GPLv2. For anything else,
take your pick.

ISC is probably what you want to use though, since it is more permissive.

[1]: https://exherbo.org/docs/exheres-for-smarties.html#copyright_lines