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* Revert "Initial error.h (just has an error() macro right now)"HEADmasterKylie McClain2016-12-22
* Makefile: install symlink for xlocale.hKylie McClain2016-12-22
* Initial error.h (just has an error() macro right now)Kylie McClain2016-06-19
* README: add related projectsKylie McClain2016-06-01
* v5v5Kylie McClain2016-05-18
* Allow out of source build, look in ./include/ when compiling binariesKylie McClain2016-05-18
* README: add gencatKylie McClain2016-05-15
* v4v4Kylie McClain2016-05-15
* Use spaces for alignmentKylie McClain2016-05-15
* Makefile: use wildcards for BINS_SH and build targetKylie McClain2016-05-15
* Add gencatKylie McClain2016-05-15
* README: add cdefs.hv3Kylie McClain2016-04-24
* README: add some licensing informationKylie McClain2016-04-11
* include: Fix locations of queue.h and tree.hKylie McClain2016-04-11
* Bump version to 2v2Kylie McClain2016-04-11
* Move include/cdefs.h to include/sys/cdefs.h, adjust makefile for changesKylie McClain2016-04-11
* Explicitly declare modes for installing filesKylie McClain2016-04-11
* initial commitv1Kylie McClain2016-04-04