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mastermailmap: add myselfKylie McClain6 years
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2015-05-23mailmap: add myselfHEADmasterKylie McClain
2014-12-30don't provide findutils, there's too many reasons not to try and replace it yetKylie McClain
2014-12-30slightly less inclusive .gitignoreKylie McClain
2014-12-30minor getopt pkgbuild changesKylie McClain
2014-12-30update toybox to 0.5.1, add tests (some fail, don't worry about it)Kylie McClain
2014-12-30remove hwclock and su from util-linux-toyboxKylie McClain
2014-12-30update mawk to 1.3.4_20141206Kylie McClain
2014-12-30be more inclusive with .gitignoreKylie McClain
2014-12-30use install from coreutils, use expr from coreutilsKylie McClain
2014-11-20inital commitKylie McClain