registry tweaks

registry tweaks for Windows 8 that I use. most of them should be compatible with Windows 7 or Vista as well, don’t quote me on that though.


installation is simple.

  1. clone the repository
    • with the GitHub for Windows program if you prefer. there should be a “Clone in Desktop” button near the clone URL.
    • otherwise, just do it with git. git clone https://github.com/Somasis/registry.git should do the trick.
  2. go to the folder you cloned it to
  3. double click the registry files you want to install

if it makes you feel better, i promise from the bottom of my heart that i didn’t put any viruses in the files. if you don’t believe me just read the files for yourself.


some of them are borrowed from random forum posts, modified from them, etc.

this repo is more or less for my own use so i can keep them in one general area, but if you think you wrote something let me know and i’ll credit you.