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+# registry tweaks
+registry tweaks for Windows 8 that I use. most of them should be compatible with Windows 7 or Vista as well, don't quote me on that though.
+## installation
+installation is simple.
+1. clone the repository
+ - [with the GitHub for Windows](http://windows.github.com/) program if you prefer. there should be a "Clone in Desktop" button near the clone URL.
+ - otherwise, just do it with `git`. `git clone https://github.com/Somasis/registry.git` should do the trick.
+2. go to the folder you cloned it to
+3. double click the registry files you want to install
+if it makes you feel better, i promise from the bottom of my heart that i didn't put any viruses in the files. if you don't believe me just read the files for yourself.
+## credits
+some of them are borrowed from random forum posts, modified from them, etc.
+this repo is more or less for my own use so i can keep them in one general area, but if you think you wrote something let me know and i'll credit you.