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* bootstrapped: ensure widthHEADmasterKylie McClain2015-09-08
* bootstrapped: set tumblr audio player to bandcamp widthKylie McClain2015-09-08
* bootstrapped: add fix for bandcamp audio player alignmentKylie McClain2015-09-08
* bootstrapped: fix theme urlKylie McClain2015-09-07
* bootstrapped: change some default optionsKylie McClain2015-09-04
* bootstrapped: BitBucket, Google+, Instagram, PinterestKylie McClain2015-09-04
* bootstrapped: remove entypo, use better links for cssKylie McClain2015-09-04
* use medium columns for sidebar and contentKylie McClain2015-07-06
* bootstrapped: fix asks on small screensKylie McClain2015-07-05
* bootstrapped: relicense under ISC licenseKylie McClain2015-07-05
* mailmap: add myselfKylie McClain2015-05-23
* bootstrapped: align note text to leftKylie McClain2015-02-15
* bootstrapped: fix description alignmentKylie McClain2015-01-28
* fix ask layoutKylie McClain2015-01-08
* fix avatar size againKylie McClain2015-01-03
* fix avatars on asksKylie McClain2015-01-03
* ensure answer captions sit under the ask's answerKylie McClain2014-12-09
* get rid of nicknameKylie McClain2014-11-17
* add pulls to asks so it looks more like a conversationKylie McClain2014-11-16
* use real name for LICENSE and credit on bootstrappedKylie McClain2014-11-12
* add panel shadows and description aligningSomasis2014-10-13
* reverse order of like/reblog buttonsSomasis2014-08-10
* better looking quotes, ability to change body and quote fontSomasis2014-07-18
* fix navbar collapse since i broke it in another commit; rearrange some of the...Somasis2014-06-22
* really need to stop making typosSomasis2014-06-22
* bootstrapped - instead of using a automatic toggle for putting pages in a men...Somasis2014-06-19
* where did that come fromSomasis2014-06-16
* add credits to readmeSomasis2014-06-12
* add the ability to move navbar links to a dropdown menu if they exceed the widthSomasis2014-06-12
* if i have to deal with the separator symbol for the post source and reblogged...Somasis2014-06-06
* i forgot to copy over the sidebar code to the left sidebar, oopsSomasis2014-06-03
* add group member display, relative/absolute time optionSomasis2014-06-02
* customizable panel/button/etc roundednessSomasis2014-06-01
* add vine, deviantart, behance supportSomasis2014-05-27
* don't show duplicates of links in the navigation bar when using redux themeSomasis2014-05-23
* fixed some header problemsSomasis2014-05-23
* fix last.fm linkingSomasis2014-05-17
* forgot to make redux-title have the blog-title class assigned to it tooSomasis2014-05-17
* new redux-influenced style, which is toggleableSomasis2014-05-17
* fix the hard-coded note colorSomasis2014-05-17
* added new tumblr feature compatibility, as well as a header imageSomasis2014-05-17
* Patches for note and audio post displayJessie Mills2014-05-17
* An actual fix for the video this timeJessie Mills2014-04-30
* Woops, actually fixes the video issue now.Jessie Mills2014-04-27
* Merge branch 'hotfix/video-fix'Jessie Mills2014-04-27
| * Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Somasis/tumblrthemes into hotfix/...Jessie Mills2014-04-27
| |\
| | * make sure to break tags when they get too longSomasis2014-04-25
| | * accidentally took the "_button" out of '.reblog_button'. fixedSomasis2014-04-25
| | * small code clean up; various fixes and featuresSomasis2014-04-25