Configuration files used for gitolite, the daemon which manages access controls, git-daemon, and SSH-accessible git repositories.

Gitolite configuration details

Hooks and triggers

└── hooks
    └── repo-specific               - All hooks are controlled by the 'repo-specific-hooks' plugin
        │                             on gitolite, because that simplifies mixing and matching hooks
        │                             as needed.
        ├── cgit-agefile            - cgit can use an "agefile" to track the idle time of a
        │                             repository more accurately. This simply touches that file when
        │                             a push to a repository is received.
        ├── deploy-laminar-config   - This hook is used for the laminar-admin repository, to copy
        │                             the configuration files to the right place on the server.
        ├── irccat                  - This hook is used to output commits to IRC channels.
        └── push-to-mirror          - This hook is used to push to mirror of local repositories.
                                      Some repositories on git.mutiny.red are mirrored to GitHub,
                                      namely all the mutiny/* repositories and a few of my (somasis)
                                      personal repositories.


This repository also contains the configuration files for cgit, so as to simplify deployment. Since cgit and gitolite interact so heavily, it seems easier just to put the configuration files next to each other.