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* gitolite: archive -> unmaintained; add a bunch of reposKylie McClain2020-06-27
* gitolite: typos, and add niceness to mirroringKylie McClain2020-06-27
* gitolite: add some mirrorred reposKylie McClain2020-06-27
* gitolite: add the rest of my personal reposKylie McClain2020-06-27
* gitolite: make gitolite-admin under the infrastructure sectionKylie McClain2020-06-27
* gitolite: add more personal reposKylie McClain2020-06-27
* gitolite: add archive sectionKylie McClain2020-06-27
* gitolite: add homepage to mutiny/docsKylie McClain2020-06-27
* gitolite: be moer specific about what personal repos get mirroredKylie McClain2020-06-27
* local: add a post-receive hook for simple mirroringKylie McClain2020-06-27
* gitolite: add rest of mutiny repositories, under mutiny/ prefixKylie McClain2020-06-26
* gitolite: descriptionsKylie McClain2020-06-25
* gitolite: just use my full nameKylie McClain2020-06-25
* gitolite: only allow me to make changes to my personal reposKylie McClain2020-06-25
* gitolite.conf: syntaxKylie McClain2020-06-25
* gitolite.conf: allow for wild reposKylie McClain2020-06-25
* gitolite.conf: style, add ownerKylie McClain2020-06-25
* gitolite.conf: unify permissionsKylie McClain2020-06-25
* gitolite.conf: add praxisKylie McClain2020-06-25
* gitolite.conf: add description for gitolite-adminKylie McClain2020-06-25
* gitolite.conf: typoKylie McClain2020-06-25
* gitolite.conf: create @export groupKylie McClain2020-06-25
* gitolite setup -pk somasis.pubgit on rosa2020-06-25