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mutiny(7): remove "Standards adherence", rambles and is less relevant nowdays
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Manual pages will be required for any package that installs a program to _/bin_, and in all
files in _/etc_ will also require manual pages to exist for them.
-=== Standards adherence
-Mutiny should aim to adhere to standards whenever it is possible, and enforce those standards
-on all software that the system uses. When a standard isn't good, or we think it is badly
-designed, we should aim to supersede it with a defined standard of our own. The prime example
-of a bad standard being replaced in Mutiny is the <<Filesystem layout>>, which supersedes the
-{filesystem-hierarchy-standard}[Filesystem Hierarchy Standard] and systemd's
-Good examples of standards we want to follow would be standards like the
-{xdg-base-directory-specification}[XDG Base Directory Specification].
== Prior art