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+.Software being avoided
+ I'm interested in seeking out alternatives to it for a few reasons.
+ . There's only two real implementations of it: the reference implementation, which is what most
+ people use and apparently has enough performances issues that people are working to shove it
+ into the kernel instead of userspace, and[dbus-broker],
+ which seems to have some level of dependency on systemd. While it might not necessarily be the
+ case, this to me signifies some level of complexity in implementation that I'm not interested
+ in accepting as the norm, and possibly as a system component if enough things want to use it.
+ . There seems to be some good criticism to be had that it is reinventing the wheel.
+ . I think that some of its features, such as service activation, have no place in a system bus.
+ . All this aside: it's still required if you use Bluetooth on Linux.
+ . Alternative: {skarnet}/skabus[skabus]. Heavily a work in progress, but it looks interesting.
+ For now though, the plan is just to stay away from dbus as much as possible.
+ . A bit worryingly complex.
+ . The main appeal of it is in multiplexing sound sources on one sound card. This can already be
+ done with ALSA, it's just not pretty to configure.
+ . The alternative:[sndio]. It's from OpenBSD, it seems to be a lot simpler,
+ and fits in well with the philosophy we're going for because of this.
Nonessential but otherwise interesting software that would be a good fit to the philosophy can be
found on the <<software.adoc#,software page>>.