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which the shell process is running in. This means it consists of things such as variables,
functions, and the current working directory.
+=== Idioms
+:url-idioms: https://git.mutiny.red/mutiny/idioms
+There's one special dependency that someone writing a package should always be able to expect to be
+installed, no matter what: {url-idioms}[`idioms`].
+Why is `idioms` used? Because it provides good, general purpose flow control functionality in
+shell scripts. praxis(7) itself uses it.
+The main functions that you would use from it when writing a package would be
+<<idioms-call.3.adoc#,idioms-call(3)>>, <<idioms-error.3.adoc#,idioms-error(3)>>,
+<<idioms-warn.3.adoc#,idioms-warn(3)>>, <<idioms-die.3.adoc#,idioms-die(3)>>, and lastly,
+If you're implementing a package manager though and wish to not have the dependency, just
+implement those commands. They're not very complex, and their existence (due to being basically
+included as part of this package API) makes their commands effectively keywords which can be.
=== Directories
The only requirements of the directory in which a package build is executed is that it is read-write