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+* https://sfz.tools/sfizz/[sfizz]: Open source soundfont player using the .sfz format. I like it!
+* https://www.qutebrowser.org/[qutebrowser]: Maybe the most promising alternative to major browsers.
+ Keyboard-driven, but not restrictively so; I've started using it as of late, coming from being a
+ long-time Firefox user, and I've really gotten into it.
+* http://cclub-flying.dsl.gr.jp/products/xmascot/[XMascot]: The most adorable program I've seen yet.
+ I've tried to rehabilitate it a bit at https://git.mutiny.red/somasis/xmascot/[somasis/xmascot],
+ based off of the https://github.com/nyan-/xmascot[FreeBSD port's upstream].
+ Featuring my own attempt at translating the Japanese text to English, since the documentation had
+ much more detail in its original Japanese than the English versions originally included.
+things I'm up to:
+:url-mimefilter: http://git.mutiny.red/somasis/me/tree/bin/mimefilter?id=810387ef63a19c509411733b98f19e2eb61c40b1
+:url-fdotrash: https://specifications.freedesktop.org/trash-spec/trashspec-latest.html
+* One of my partners got a PS5 and I've been playing NieR: Automata and NieR: Replicant the past
+ few months. They're amazing and I love the story and the universe that's been created within the
+ games.
+* I stumbled into learning some Perl; I wrote two scripts, {url-mimefilter}[mimefilter], and a
+ script for sending files to the {url-fdotrash}[trash], as specified by freedesktop.org.
+ I haven't really polished up the trash script much (nor am I using it instead of `rm`, yet...)
+ or else I'd link it here.
+* Related to the above two points: it turns out getting medication for long-undiagnosed ADHD helps.
+ :)