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* mailmap: add myselfHEADmasterKylie McClain2015-05-23
* use alert for unknown package managerSomasis2014-06-16
* don't read os-release redundantly, make sure we're in the script's directory ...Somasis2014-06-16
* why was that code repeatedSomasis2014-06-16
* add $use_cpu_cache, read the readme for details on what this does. raspui sho...Somasis2014-06-16
* OH DUHSomasis2014-06-16
* did i accidentally commit dos format stuff?Somasis2014-06-16
* fix readme formattingSomasis2014-06-15
* automated distro detectionSomasis2014-06-15
* quick fix, ipecho is down so now we have a timeout on the wget commands used ...Somasis2014-02-19
* now check for bc existing, show error if it doesn't exist, but calculate anyway.Somasis2014-02-19
* now tries to use floating point-based calculations whenever possible (require...Somasis2014-02-18
* now we cache the remote ip instead of doing it every page load. it caches it ...Somasis2014-02-17
* argh, i fixed a part of the readme again. dummySomasis2014-02-17
* oops, i broke the logo in the readmeSomasis2014-02-17
* display kernel version, release, and machine hardware name.Somasis2014-02-17
* added RAM usage in megabyte/kilobyte format.Somasis2014-02-16
* forgot to take out the font-awesome files and bootstrap.js, since we don't ne...Somasis2014-02-15
* added a good readme file, some minimal CPU info, minimal package manager inte...Somasis2014-02-15
* modified the .gitignore a bit, i messed up a few lines during a commit reversal.Somasis2014-02-15
* so i suck at markdownSomasis2014-02-15
* attributed bashlib authorSomasis2014-02-15
* wait i messed up, there we goSomasis2014-02-15
| * inital code, still working on itSomasis2014-02-15
* | included some of the resources that are used, attributed in readmeSomasis2014-02-15
* | included some of the resources that are usedSomasis2014-02-15
* Initial commitSomasis2014-02-14